The Stonebrige Series is a mystery series set in a small town in Illinois.

Fox Valley Illinois / Photo by R.M. Lowery

Sronebridge is a fictional town in Illinois’ Fox Valley.

Here’s a little about the first book:

Someone murdered sixteen-year-old Grace Sutherland and dumped her body along the riverbank. The news shocks most in the Midwest town of Stonebridge, but for reporter Jakob Larsen, her death dredges up particularly bad memories. Two years ago, his father was murdered, and police have yet to make an arrest.

Knowing the pain the girl’s family feels, Jakob is determined to find answers for them. Answers his family still doesn’t have.

In the days following the murder, the news cycle shifts and Jakob’s boss wants him to focus on other stories. But Jakob can’t let her murder go. Police never gave his father’s death the attention it deserved, and he doesn’t want to see Grace Sutherland’s death treated the same way.

At the risk of losing his job, Jakob hunts for the truth, uncovering potential involvement from some of the town’s most influential people. But as Jakob closes in on the killer, he uncovers buried secrets that threaten to rip the Sutherland family apart.