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Someone murdered sixteen-year-old Grace Sutherland and dumped her body along the riverbank.

The news shocks most in the Midwest town of Stonebridge, but for reporter Jakob Larsen, her death dredges up particularly bad memories. Two years ago, his father was murdered, and police have yet to make an arrest.

Knowing the pain the girl’s family feels, Jakob is determined to find answers for them. Answers his family still doesn’t have. But as Jakob hunts for the truth, he uncovers details that could rip the Sutherland family apart.

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R.M. Lowery’s short story “Wednesday Night at Muffy’s,” included the anthology Workers Write! Tales from the Key of C.

Wednesdays at Muffy’s are the worst. An all-ages night dedicated to new and recently formed bands—mostly groups of wide-eyed teenagers who’ve been playing instruments for just a few months. It’s sort of like an open mic night, except Terry, the club’s owner, pays the bands a small percentage of the door.

Terry never works on Wednesdays, though, which means I’m stuck doing everything: running sound, monitoring the door, making sure the bartender doesn’t sell to anyone without a wristband. If anything goes wrong, it’s on me, and something always goes wrong because Muffy’s is a shitty place that attracts shitty people.

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R.M. Lowery

R.M. Lowery is the author of the Jakob Larsen MysteriesThe Gentle Slope, We Kill Our Own, and Time Fades Away. His stories have appeared in Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Workers Write: Tales from the Key of C, and others. Rooted in Illinois and raised in Colorado, Lowery currently lives in New Mexico with his beautiful wife and their clowder of cats.

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